Rieju RS3 125

The Rieju RS3 125 is out now. It is the culmination of a lot of blood, sweat (tried clay modelling in a Barcelona summer?) and tears but judging by the first reviews the results were worth it…

“The Rieju RS3 125LC looks drop-dead gorgeous through the impressionable eyes of a seventeen year-old. Through slightly more jaundiced eyes (mine) it look pretty good, too. A beautifully fabricated alloy swingarm, upside down forks, radial front caliper and lightweight alloy wheels aren’t the sort of spec’ that you’d expect on a learner bike. In terms of specification the Rieju knocks the opposition into a cocked Arai.”

“If this bike had been about when I was 16 I would happily have sold my parents for it.”

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