Rieju RS3 125 review

The Rieju RS3, designed by Xenophya and Arianetech Engineering, was the 125cc group test winner in the July issue of Motorcycle Monthly.

We were very pleased indeed with scores of 9/10 for both looks and performance, along with the ‘verdict’:

“The Rieju is the kind of bike that will not only help our youngsters to learn how to corner, brake and ride well but it’ll provide the kind of fun and enjoyment they need to keep them on two wheels in the future.

Sportsbikes may not be over-popular at the minute but you can’t argue with the fact that they’re still a great way to learn your craft and if I was looking for a 125 for my son or daughter I’d want one that would make him, or her stand out from the crowd. That’ll be the Rieju.”

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